Copy of DSCN1776Having a “medical home” is a critical part of individual, public and community health.

Those people who have insurance and a family physician (or OB or gerontologist or pediatrician for special primary care needs) that provides regular care have a “medical home.”  They have someone who takes care of them, is an advocate for their care and will coordinate any needed care beyond primary care.

For millions who are underinsured or uninsured, however, their lack of a “medical home” is a true barrier to quality care—and their personal health and our community health.  Without a medical home, people IMG_1730rely on a patchwork of different physicians, providers, emergency rooms, urgent care, community clinics, free clinics, etc.   Their care is uncoordinated, and it usually suffers.

It’s an important part of the work and mission of South Bay Family Health Care that we function as a “medical home” for thousands who have no regular source of medical care.

It’s a role we’re uniquely suited for and one we actively seek out and promote.