10_053_MGrfx_SBFHCC_044Free Health Education Classes

South Bay Family Health Care offers the following health education classes free to all patients.  All classes are bi-lingual and taught with a supportive, understanding partnership approach that empowers the patient to work with their SBFHC team—physician, health educator and other health care providers—to take charge of their own health.

Diabetes Prevention

Designed for those at risk of developing diabetes, this class covers the basics of nutrition, healthful food preparation, weight management, exercise, family support and other tips for reducing the chances of moving from a pre-diabetic condition to full diabetes.


This class has been established for those who have already been diagnosed with diabetes and contains material that builds on the basics presented in the Diabetes Prevention class.   Working with a supportive health educator, as well as their physician and other members of their SBFHC medical team, patients learn how to manage their diabetes, reduce its impact on their lives and stay as healthy as they can.


To prevent any complication during pregnancy, South Bay Family Health Care follows  the California Department of Health’s Comprenhensive Perinatal Service Program (CPSP) protocols.  This includes individualized education in nutrition, stress reduction, psychosocial issues and contraception.   We also provide referrals to the hospital-based prenatal class, Great Beginnings for Black Babies, as well as the “Welcome Baby Program,” through California Hospital Medical Center.

Medi-Cal-eligible women receive comprehensive services, including prenatal care, health education, nutrition services, and psychosocial support for up to 60 days after delivery of their infants.